The Facility

10 min readDec 23, 2021


The ‘holes’ were required to arrive earlier than the regular punters, and we reached the car park just before her allotted time. She squealed excitedly, gave me a wet, passionate kiss, and then sauntered off towards the building’s side entrance.

I had only ever visited The Facility once, long before our marriage. But seeing an ad for it online brought back the memory, and I couldn’t help telling Sasha about it.

She hid her interest as much as she could, but it was clearly something she couldn’t get out of her mind. She kept the conversation going, even after we had moved onto other topics.

I could tell she wanted to take part in the sordidness, so I encouraged her to book a slot. I even offered to take her.

Sitting in the car, I could only imagine the things she’d soon be doing…

A cute receptionist welcomed me in and gave me some paperwork to fill out while I waited. Most of the form was just standard, boring questions, but the last question piqued my interest. “What kind of ‘hole’ do you want to be?”

The multiple choice answers made my heart race.

Free use (limited places, please enquire)

Cam had told me a little about the “free use” role, and it sent tingles all over my body to just think about. But this was my first time. I had to rein myself in and not be too ambitious.

I ticked “Vaginal”, signed the bottom of the form and my heart skipped a beat with excitement.

“All done?” Asked another member of staff.

“Yes!” I said, too emphatically.

The beautiful blonde smiled at my eagerness. “Follow me.”

She led me down a corridor to a small room. It was empty but for a tripod and camera.

“Right… please stand on the X, and give us a sexy pose.”

I did exactly that, making sure I gave the camera the best fuck me eyes I could muster.

“Perfect.” said the blonde. “Follow me again.”

She led me through another series of corridors, and eventually we arrived at my room.




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