My Doll

3 min readJan 26, 2022


“It’s the most realistic one on the market.” I said as we stared at the sex doll laying on the bed. Its legs bent at the knees, hanging off the foot of the bed.

“Dude, it looks exactly like your wife.”

“Yeah, you can have them completely customised. Cheryl and I tried to see if we could capture her likeness.”


“It’s like fucking the real thing.”

“Damn… can I give it a go?”

“You want to fuck my wife?” I laughed.

“We’ll, yes. You know I do. But it’d probably ruin our friendship.” He chuckled. “But if I fuck this sex doll that just happens to look and feel like her, that’d be okay? Right?”

“I guess so.” I said. “Just be careful with it, it was really expensive.”

“Amazing.” He started unbuckling his trousers. “You may want to leave the room.”

“I’d rather stay and make sure you don’t break it.”

He shrugged and let his trousers fall to his ankles. He positioned himself between its legs, admiring it, before running his fingers up the inside of its legs, feeling its skin.

“Damn, that’s crazy. It feels so real.” He said.

“I told you.” I replied, smirking, watching his hands caress closer and closer to its most intimate of areas.

“Like, it’s warm and everything.”

“If you like that, you should feel how warm it is on the inside.”

And with that, he pulled its underwear to one side and ran his finger up the length of its pussy.

“Fuck, you’re right. And it’s wet too!” He said, thumbing his newly wet finger.

“Yeah, it generates its own lube. How cool is that?”

“Damn, I need to stick my dick in it, like, right now. Last chance, if you want to leave.”

“Go for it.” I held up my hands to show that I was okay with it.

He rushed out of his trousers and flung them to the side. His underwear shortly followed, and then he was pressing himself against the warm, self-lubricating opening.

“Oh, fuck!” He groaned as he slowly slid inside, down to the hilt.




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